Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nail Nail Nail .....Pink with Gold Glitter

From left to right: Berry M (Yellow Topza Glitter), Dior (Rose Kimono), Essie (Grow Stronger), Model Own
I've been use Essie Grow Stronger for ages, and I high recommend this, very good to use as a base, or just use this own, gives a very healthy colour. And the Dior Rose Kimono


OOTD in Chinese Lunar New Year

Today is Chinese Lunar New Year, unfortunately I can't go back to China to celebrate, but the lucky is we are going to have dinner with our friends tonight. 
Today's outfit I decide to wear something red, in China people always wear something red on Lunar New Year to wish a good luck for the whole year. 
Actually I think this outfit is very simple and classic colour combination--Red & Black. Because this outfit is quite simple, so I am wearing this beautiful statement necklace to add more details. 
Knitwear: Miu Miu
Midi Skirt: &other stories
Boots: George Armani
Necklace: Ebay (here
Hope you like it!
Have a lovely year !

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

OOTD: Jumper and Skater

Just want to simply update one of my OOTD. London is still quite cold and rainy, be pretty but also need to keep warm :) 
Sweater is just the essential in my winter wardrobe, I like pairing jumper with skater skirt, cause I am quite short, and it makes me looks taller. This outfit you can match with even knee high boots, flats, or high heels. 

Jumper: Carven
Woolen Skirt : (similar here)
Tights: Topshop

Have a great day !!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dior: Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush

I picked up this gorgeous Pink baby with me yesterday when I was in Covent Garden waiting my boyfriend for dinner.  I have to say that I fell in love with this Rosy Glow at the first sight, the package is sooooooo cute, and this colour is really got my heart. The sales tried on my bare face, this baby really wooing me, I saw this very light pink colour on my cheekbones, even I didn't have any make-up on, but make my skin looks so much healthy and natural. I think this will work on anyone who wants to build a pink healthy cheeks, the retail price for this Rosy Glow is £30.50, it's worth the price you pay for sure.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Burgundy Weekend

I love Burgundy colour, especially in winter period, hope you like this outfit.

Coat: ACNE
Collar Sweater: Carven
Leather Skirt :ASOS
Bag: Celine
Belt: Paul Smith
Necklace: Ebay (here)
Gold Bracelet: Gift

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Love Sweater Jacket

Jacker: Swildens (here)
Silk Top : (brought in China years ago)
Jeans: AllSaints (here)
Heels: Chloe
Belt: Miu Miu
Chain Necklace: (ebay here)
Ring: Maria Francesca Pepe
Bracelet: Gift

Have a fab day!!!!


Monday, 20 January 2014

Must-have Japan and Korean Beauty Products

 Today I want to share with you few very great Japanese and Korean beauty products that I am highly recommended.

I was in Hong Kong last year in November, I brought quite lots of beauty products that I want to try, here are five items that I really like.  

Etude House----Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour #PK001: Etude House is quite popular Korean cosmetic brand, all their packaging are super cute. I got this natural peach colour, it can be used as a lip colour, blush and eye shadow, I brought three colours (other two are blueberry and strawberry),gave two to my friends. It smells just like peach, and it's very pigmented, since it still a lip colour, I suggest to use lip balm before you apply this, it helps to reduce the fine lines on the lip.  This peach colour tone also recommend as a blush, it doesn't have any greasiness, gives you a very natural and healthy matte peach colour on the checks. I tried as an eye-shadow once, but instead of use as eye-shadow, I'd like to use as a base colour on my eyes, I think it's a little bit light for an eye-shadow.

Etude House---- Precious Mineral Any Cushion Air  Natural Beige: I use this foundation since I got it, and I have to say this one is my favourite foundation so far. It has SPF50+/ PA+++ ,come with the mirror and the rubber puff applicator. I have to say this rubber puff makes the foundation so much easier to blend, and well covered your imperfection, gives the flawless skin. The liquid foundation will dispense once you press the cushion, even sometimes I pressed harder, it didn't dispense large amount of foundation, so it's very easy to use. I usually just press 3 to 4 times to finish my whole face, just pat on your skin instead of use wiping motion. And it's very moisturised, I highly recommend this foundation for a every day use or if your are going to a holiday (SPF50+!!!)

Etude House---- I Can Fly Hand Cream  Apple Flavor:Like this super cute and adorable owl packaging. It has a fresh apple scent and also quite moisturised, it's a travel-size hand cream, so I always keep it in my bag. I just think if I finished this one, I am going to put my other hand cream in this owl container ><

Browlash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow   Natural Brown: I can not go out without done my eyebrow, my eyebrow is quite fine. I love this eyebrow pencil, because it very easy to draw, and the colour is super natural, like real brow. I use liquid pen to accurate thin lines and edge area.Works really well if you like natural eyebrow look!

Browlash EX Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara     Black: I have quite short eye lashes, and  I heard so many good feedback from YouTube gurus, finally I tried this one and obviously this one became to my favourite mascara, this one won't create a dramatic eyelashes look, but longer and more separated eyelashes look. Its applicator likes a comb, which does a great job on separating your eyelashes. It's oil and sweat proof, so it can be easily wash off. Prefect to use everyday. If you are like me, prefer natural make up look, I think this one is worth to try.

Have a nice evening!



Sunday, 19 January 2014

♥SUSHI Weekend♥

        Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Wimbledon for house hunting, although we didn't find any property, instead we found a great sushi restaurant named *Sticknsushi*

        I love Japanese food , and we all had a great experience in here, some pictures about what we had yesterday. It's very nice sushi restaurant, their food are very fresh and yummy, very good service and the even better news is they also have another restaurant in Covent Garden sticksnsushi (seem from the website the one in Covent Garden looks smaller than Wimbledon one) I have to go to Covent Garden to try again.

 Matcha Tea
 I ordered Chai Latte (really nice if you also like Chai Latte)
 Softshell Crab Roll 
Tofu Nigiri 
 Nigiri Set

 From left: Vanila- Peanut- Green tea
Peanut is my favourite in these three♥ 

::what on me::
Coat: ACNE (brought three years ago)
Shirt: Jonathan Simkhai (see my blog)
Jeans: All Saints (petrel brodie jeans)
Shoes: Church's (few years ago)
Leopard Scarf: Louis Vuttion
Bag: Chanel

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask ♥ Neal's Yard

This Rose Formula antioxidant facial mask (here) from Neal's Yard is one of my favourite mask so far. Neal's Yard Remedies is a UK brand, they have many great organic natural product from skincare to cosmetics, aromatherapy to herbal remedies...go check their website if you are interest (here)        

When I pick a mask, first thing I care about most is if  I feel comfy to put on my face, I always avoid to choose those mask with heavy fragrance and greasy texture. I have to say that I fell in love with this mask, this one don't have any fragrance smell, all natural. As a mask, I just think this one is so practical and functional, now let's talk about how many jobs does this fabulous mask do.

It has damask rose and gotu kola which help your skin more fresh and brighter, I've been use this mask for few months, and I love how it dose on my skin, I love the texture of it, it helps deep cleaning, you won't feel tight after wash up, but smooth and toning; and it's got damask rose, Zinc inside which help get a fresher, brighter skin. It say suitable for normal skin type, I also use it on my boyfriend  (he has a *problem* skin :oily, acne,and sensitive), he also very like it, really soothe and clam skin. So if you have any of these problems, I would recommend this mask. If you are like me, spend most of the time in front of the computer, it's also very good to use.                                                                    
This is what it looks like ><
10mins, then you can wash up

It's now 8pm in London, time to have a cup of tea and watching some TV shows
See you!


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Causal outfit :White Shirt+ Jeans+ Oxford Shoes

:: Outfit ::
Shirt: Jonathan Simkhai (see here
Jeans: J Brand (see here)
Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo (see here)
Necklace: My Collection (see here)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

♥Detox Whitening Facial Mask ♥

Today I would like to share one of my favourite facial mask-----♥Detox Whitening Facial Mask♥!!
This mask works great on me, and the recipe is super simple and easy to make, it's good for any type of skin. There are two main ingredients in this mask: Matcha Powder and Pearl Powder. 

 Matcha powder has so many benefits for your skin: antioxidant, calming, smooth your skin, anti-ageing and also minimize your pores. 
Pearl Powder is great to bright your skin, improve aging and wrinkles, if you have blemishes, the pearl powder can helps fight it very well. 

I use this mask when my skin have breakouts, you can use this mask 2-4 times a week. After this facial you really can feel you skin is very smooth and tight. 
How to Make :
1. you need find all these ingredients: a small container, one spoon, unsweetened almond milk (also you can use regular milk),matcha powder (you can buy from your local Asiansupermarket), pearl powder (I brought it from China, but I found that you also can buy this on ebay). 
2. Put one sugar-spoon of pearl powder and one sugar-spoon of matcha powder, mix with one sugar-spoon of almond milk, as the picture showing below. 
3. Mix them well and then you can use on your face for 10-15 mins then wash it, follow your daily skin care routine.  Left-over can keep in your fridge for next day use. 
Hope you like this mask recipe